Walker climbing the South Sisters near Bend, OR

Aconcagua, take two. The ‘crazy grandma’ returns, and this time it’s personal

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Climbing for leukemia patient

Walker climbing near Mt. Hood, OR

About nine months ago, we told you about a self-described “crazy grandma,” Ripcord client Lisa Walker, who is on a mission to climb the world’s seven highest summits. A triathlete and endurance runner and cyclist who regularly trains at altitude, Lisa was in excellent shape when she decided to take on the second of those summits, Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, in January 2018.

Aconcagua may be a less technical climb than some of the others on her list, but with a summit of 22,841 feet, it is the highest peak outside of the Himalayas and requires a very high level of fitness.

Despite knocking out half-Ironman races and spending many nights at altitude, midway through her Aconcagua climb, Lisa suffered from complications of altitude sickness and had to abandon the attempt.

She spent the remainder of her trip at a hotel, where she at least got to gain an appreciation for Argentine tango while awaiting her flight home. And as a comprehensive travel insurance policyholder with Ripcord, she was able to file a claim that covered those hotel expenses.

Now she’s going back – with a vengeance.

Once a week, she packs up from work and heads to nearby Mount Hood in Oregon, climbs a glacier where the U.S. Ski Team regularly trains in summer, and then camps overnight before returning to work at 6 AM. On the weekends, she tackles other peaks, such as Mt. Shasta in California and the South Sisters near Bend, Oregon.

This time, armed with extra training and a new Ripcord comprehensive policy, she is also climbing with an added mission: to raise money for cancer research. A good friend of hers was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and so Lisa and other friends have launched a social media campaign, taking summit photos with their arms in a “V” for their friend, Vanessa, and will be setting up a fundraising page soon.

Lisa is looking for climbing partners to join on her climb for a cause: To learn more about the trip, check out the description of the climb with Miyar Adventures here.

Good luck, Lisa, we’re looking forward to your photo at the summit!

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