Ripcord client and Tusker guide look back on Nepal earthquake and evacuation, two years later

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‘It was like an angel coming down, it was amazing’ Two years after the Nepal earthquake, a Ripcord client and a Tusker Trail guide reflect on the fear of being stranded near Everest Base Camp after a 7.8 magnitude quake and an ensuing avalanche, and the salvation of a Russian helicopter coming through the parting […]

NRA calls Ripcord ‘lifeline to outdoor adventurers’

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‘Perfect for traveling deep into remote lands’   Outdoorsmen know the risk of a medical emergency in a remote location. Here’s the NRA’s recommendation on keeping safe.  Jason Brown writes on the NRA blog:   “You’re trekking through a craggy ravine, deep in the rocky expanses of a dried-up riverbed. Scrambling from boulder to boulder, […]

Avalanche expert and Ripcord client Doug Chabot talks snow slide dangers

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‘Ripcord is my backup, they’re on speed dial’ As avalanche dangers rise to ‘extreme’ in the Pacific Northwest, and continue to pose risks to skiers and snowboarders in California and Colorado, experts are warning weekend mountaineers how to recognize avalanche dangers and protect themselves if they are caught. Doug Chabot is one of the country’s leading […]

Redpoint zeros in on the best BBQ in the Middle East

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Brisket, burgers or mansaf? A carnivore’s dilemma in Jordan   While on assignment in Jordan, a member of the Redpoint operations team came across a pleasant surprise: authentic barbecued brisket in the nation’s capital. There were plenty of internationally recognized chain restaurants to be found in Amman, but the Redpoint security expert and former U.S. Marine […]