Evacuation for Ripcord Client from Everest due to Frostbite

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Redpoint was contacted by partners at Climbing the Seven Summits when one of their climbers was found to be suffering from grade 2 frostbite to one hand and foot after a successful summit the day before.

As a Ripcord client who had purchased medical evacuation coverage, Redpoint arranged a helicopter to transport him from Camp 2 to a treatment facility in Kathmandu where every step of his treatment and flight home was overseen by Redpoint’s team of experts.

“Taking the advice of CTSS regarding Ripcord Insurance was a very smart decision definitely obvious in the moment of need.  Within hours of descending from the summit of Everest with foot and hand frostbite the guides insisted no more walking and that a helicopter evacuation would be scheduled from camp 2. In under two hours, necessary approval complete I was on my way to a Kathmandu hospital where everything was seamless; no questions asked, just treatment. 

Ripcord {was} even aware of the lack of the complete treatment series and worked diligently to source the drug from anywhere possible. This entire insurance experience was totally new and should be a lesson from which US healthcare providers could learn from!”

-7 Summits Summiteer & Everest Summiteer, Wayne Morris

Many expedition groups and mountain guides partner with Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance after seeing firsthand the lifesaving value of medical evacuation and search & rescue coverage.

If you or your organization would like to discuss partnering with Ripcord, please contact us today to get started.


DID YOU KNOW? Ripcord’s coverage far exceeds that of most travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage, including benefits for search and rescue.


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