Everest Medical Evacuation for Ripcord Client with Respiratory Infection

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helo evacuation from everest base camp
Climbing Mt. Everest is a life-long dream for many people, and its increase in popularity has led to much recent attention in the media. Not without risk, more and more people attempt to summit the mountain every year, and as part of their preparation, purchase medical evacuation coverage from Ripcord.

How Ripcord’s Medical Evacuation Helped

A climber recently found himself back at Camp 2 after being unable to summit. Having previously been treated for symptoms related to a respiratory tract infection, the infection was exacerbated during the climb resulting in severe symptoms requiring evacuation. His Sherpa team had to halt his attempt and take him down to an altitude where an evacuation would be feasible after recognizing his worsening condition.

Unable to walk or speak at the time, the evacuation got him off the mountain, treated at a local facility, and ultimately home where he continues to recover.

It is well worth noting that the popularity of high-risk activities often come because of groups that work tirelessly to train and prepare climbers to perform at the peak of their abilities. Despite the best training, being prepared for emergencies is critical and the reason most adventurers trust Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.

DID YOU KNOW? Ripcord’s coverage far exceeds that of most travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage, including benefits for search and rescue.

Contact Ripcord today and ask about what medical evacuation covers, and any questions you have about buying medical evacuation insurance.


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