Ripcord client faces kidney-failure scare in Cameroon. Redpoint medically assists

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Dizzy and dehydrated in the West African bush

The landscape of Northern Cameroon

A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was on safari in remote northern Cameroon when he began to feel sick — dehydrated, nauseated and experiencing difficulty urinating. A physician himself, he thought it could be related to his diabetes, believed there was a risk he could go into renal failure, and thought he should be seen at a hospital.

His guide began the six-hour drive to the nearest clinic, while the client contacted Redpoint’s medical team via sporadic cellular coverage, describing his condition.

Redpoint placed air-evacuation assets on standby. Shortly afterward, the client reported back, saying his condition had improved but had decided to continue his ground journey to the hospital nonetheless.

When they arrived at the clinic in Ngaoundéré, the client was evaluated, hydrated intravenously, and began to feel better. He was cleared for a flight to Douala for further testing. There, in Cameroon’s largest city, he was administered blood tests, which were reviewed by Redpoint physicians and revealed that he was not in danger of renal failure.

The client then returned on rescheduled flights back home to Louisiana.

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