A client breaks her leg off the coast of Africa. Redpoint medically evacuates her and escorts her to Texas. 

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Escorted and assisted by paramedics

The Redpoint paramedic escorts the client in Nairobi

A Redpoint client was aboard a boat off the shore of East Africa when a rogue wave slammed into the vessel and sent her flying. Later tests would reveal that she had fractured her femur in the fall. She was taken from the boat via inflatable raft to Assumption Island, near the Tanzanian coast, and was flown from there via fixed-wing aircraft to a world-class hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Assumption Island

There, she was met by a Redpoint paramedic from the company’s South African office, who followed her treatment and explained it all to her until she was cleared to fly to Dallas, Texas, for a procedure to stabilize her broken leg.

Meanwhile, Redpoint had dispatched another critical care paramedic from the United States to Nairobi to assist and escort her on a lie-flat seat to Dubai, and then on to a  connecting flight to Dallas. That paramedic continued to assist her during her surgery in Texas, and made arrangements for discounted parking during her extended physical therapy before arranging for her ultimate transport home to Arkansas.

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