In-N-Out Burger in Saudi? Redpoint operations sees changes in Khobar on assignment

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Double-doubles in the desert

saudi arabia travel insuranceWhile performing operations in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia for a corporate client, Redpoint personnel noted some recent changes in the Saudi province known for its heavy Western presence. One of the most striking new features on the landscape was an In-N-Out Burger in a strip mall.

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The iconic, Irvine, CA-based burger franchise operates in only five Western U.S. states, but it recently has warmed up to the idea of international expansion, as hundreds of Londoners waited in five hour-lines last month to get a taste of a “Double Double” at a pop-up stand in the neighborhood of Swiss Cottage.

And yet, somehow, under the radar, here is In-N-Out serving their fresh, hand-cut french fries in the Arabian peninsula. Lucky them!

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Some things have not changed, however, in the eastern province, especially the tight security.

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And, as always, Redpoint personnel visited hospitals to complete their regular due diligence and evaluation processes ensuring that clients have access to the best available healthcare.

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