Redpoint zeros in on the best BBQ in the Middle East

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Brisket, burgers or mansaf? A carnivore’s dilemma in Jordan

Amman style Texas ribs
Amman style Texas ribs


While on assignment in Jordan, a member of the Redpoint operations team came across a pleasant surprise: authentic barbecued brisket in the nation’s capital.

There were plenty of internationally recognized chain restaurants to be found in Amman, but the Redpoint security expert and former U.S. Marine asked his guide where he could find the best local meat. The guide took him to what he described as the hottest restaurant in town, a hidden spot known for its barbecue.

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Brisket, the best BBQ in the Middle East?

“There was Western pop music playing, a crowded little hole-in-the-wall, and when the English-speaking waitress put some menus in our hands, I saw they had brisket,” he describes. “So, I asked her what kind of wood they used, how long they smoked it for and she said, ‘What are you from Texas or something?’ I said, as a matter of fact, I am.”

The waitress replied that the restaurant’s owner was actually flying to Dallas the next day to taste some Texan offerings.

“It tasted like Texas barbecue, I was impressed. I’d definitely go back there again,” the Austin native said. “I did give them one suggestion, which was to add some molasses and cayenne pepper into the rub, but apparently, they had tried this and it didn’t go over well with the local palettes.”

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Amman’s top brisket burger

This wasn’t the first local meat sampled on the trip: The day before, the Redpoint staffer was treated to Jordan’s national dish: mansaf, or lamb cooked in goat-milk yogurt. “Not everyone has the stomach for it,” the guide told him. “Are you sure you want to try it?”

“There was no way I was backing down from that challenge,” the Redpoint leader said. “Unfortunately, about halfway through it, my stomach started to question my decision, and I packed it up for later. I had a lot of work to do the next day.”

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