Medical Evacuation for Ripcord Client from Everest due to Severe Frostbite

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Redpoint evacuated a forty-year-old climber from Everest base camp due to possible frostbite in his right foot. While not uncommon in severe colder climates, without immediate attention frostbite in a location as extreme as Everest can quickly turn dire and permanent tissue damage or loss can occur. The Benefits of Ripcord’s Medical Evacuation and Travel […]

Redpoint medically evacuates client from South Carolina after work injury

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Medical evacuation for patient with fractured ribs Last month, the employee of a Redpoint client on assignment in South Carolina fell approximately six feet from his work vehicle and suffered multiple rib fractures. He was taken to a local hospital for stabilization and assessment. The patient, who was in his 70s, remained in the hospital […]